my favorite things 

Charleston fine art photographer.
Wife, mommy, little sister. Leo/Virgo.

Being a full time photographer was a huge dream of mine that developed when I was youngin'. 
Instead of pursuing the arts, I went to nursing school and even practiced as an RN for 5 years while shooting portraits and weddings on my days off. Finally, one day after a particularly terrible and long shift in the ER, I decided that I had had enough and I was going to  make that leap to follow my dreams. I put in my notice and never looked back. 

I believe in following your heart.

ABOUT Rachel

Don't Think about it
be about it

My life basically revolves around these two. I'd be lost without them and nothing would ever be found in the house without me... 

My Family

I love coffee. I'm not the kind of person who drinks it all day, either. I just want one good, strong, flavorful cup and I'm a happy camper. Coffee before shower. Always.


I've got wanderlust in my blood and bunch of random souvenirs that I don't look at taking up space in my shelves. 
Good tip: try to take pictures of things, or bring back something that you know you couldn't buy off of amazon the next day...


I love my plants and my plants have a love-hate relationship with me. We are working on that...


Music was my first true love. I am at my happiest with a craft beer and some good tunes. You'll find me at any given time at one of Charleston's awesome breweries, especially if there is a live band.