5 Wedding Day Tips for Better Photography – Bridal Party Edition

Need some tips for better photography?

After your best friend asked you to be in the bridal party, your first thought was probably, YES! Then your second thought was probably, ‘what can I do to help?’ or maybe it was ‘oh god do I really have to stand up in front of a bunch of people’ – but let’s pretend it wasn’t because I can’t really help with that. 🙂 Below you will find a list of 5 things to help create a better environment for your BFF and also links to some of my favorite products, because retail therapy never hurt nobody…



1. Bring an overnight bag.

The first thing I do when I arrive to the getting ready site is clean house. To help things move a bit faster and more efficiently, have a big ole bag to store all your extras like makeup (or mini bottles) readily available so when it’s time for the photographer to arrive, you can quickly toss your things in and move the bag to another area (like a bathroom or closet).  Not only will it help minimize mess and distractions, you will know where all of your things are and there will be less searching as you’re getting ready to leave. Another good idea is to bring a small handbag to keep your essentials close by. For the dudes, you have pockets! Hooray!

2. Make sure the you, the Bride and Groom are hydrated and fed.

Anyone that has ever been in a wedding knows it takes a lot of energy. When the bride and groom run low on energy, it can show in photographs. Bring snacks.  I like to keep snacks on me at ALL times, I know, I’m such a mom. But I think it would mean more to the bride and groom if it came from one of their buddies. *oh you’re so thoughtful!* Keep some high protein snacks available for your bestie. Great choices would be a small bag of almonds and dried cherries, kind or lara bars, even pretzels and a to-go peanut butter. Also a water with a straw, floss and a lipstick just in case! You’ll be the hero when they start getting a little hangry.

3. Try to find a balance between being helpful and being in the way.bridesmaids detail photos wedding photography

I like to call this ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’. It happens, you know your friends better than I do, so if there is something in the frame that you know would bug them, by all means, tell me! On the other hand, going up to them every 2 minutes to adjust a hair that still looks the same no matter what you do, is really just slowing down the process.  Also, if there is already someone on a task, ask if there is something you can help with. Find a balance between fixing something that is obviously out of place vs being overly nit picky. Trust me, it takes a bit of restraint.  If you are the type of person to obsess over details (like me) then maybe it would be best for you to be on snack patrol during photos. (bonus: it’s snack patrol)

4. Be alert.

Hi! I’m Rachel, professional cat herder and occasional photographer. Sometimes once the photographer shows up it’s game on. 

5. Keep your head up and smile.

When walking down the isle, keep that chin UP! The ground isn’t really that interesting – so don’t look at it! This might seem like a no brainer, but it is difficult to remember. Especially when you’re worried about falling because your dress it too long or you haven’t worn heels in 3 years. I get it! Try to take it slow while walking – keep your chin up and your shoulders back. If you need to look down, do it in a glance and then gimme all the confidence you got in those 2 minutes and we’ll be best friends.

There you have it! 5 Wedding Day Tips for Better Photography for the Bridal Party

What are some ideas that you have? Leave a comment below!


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