About Rachel

Who I am:

Wife to Eric – Mommy to Rowan – Charleston dweller and retired RN.

What I like:

A cozy chair in an eastern facing room in the morning is my favorite place to be. I can picture it now… the kiddo is sleeping, I’m sipping a hot cup of coffee with an iphone in hand, watching educational videos or scrolling to my heart’s content and reciting interesting facts that will inevitably impress my husband to agree that I’m the smarter one.

I also like reading books if I’m feeling ambitious.

What I do:

Create images that you will connect with emotionally.

Who I’m for:

We will be a great fit if you are;

Sentimental, care deeply about candid moments and details.

Wanting your images to feel authentic and not too posed or fake.

The kind of person that would rather hear a song play on vinyl just to relish in nostalgia.

We may not be a good fit if you;

Don’t care about photography.

Don’t want to have fun.

Why I’m special:

This is something I was born to do. A skill I learned from my late father, photography is deeply rooted in my heart.

I have a passion for creating and documenting.  The obsession began with recording my friends and I singing Mmmbop in perfect harmony in the band hall bathroom (great acoustics in there), videotaping fake infomercials and copycat blair witch projects (i’m so scared), or staging embarrassing ‘photoshoots’ that emulated  the hottest band at the time.

I’ve been in the industry for nearly 10 years and I have won awards, had work published in magazines, blogs, and even art galleries. I am also pretty good at guitar, music trivia, and drinking craft beer. (I love a good IPA)