The number one question that I get asked about engagement or portrait sessions is “What should I wear?”


So in order to help those who are questioning their outfit choices, I’ve put together a simple guide towards my personal preferences of what I think works the best. These outfits are meant to compliment the streets of Charleston, SC.


To start, I prefer to keep it simple.

Think of the Charleston landscape- it’s a town filled with beautiful pastel colors, brick walls and green ivy. Pretty much on every corner you’ll find immaculately styled window boxes or entryways that compliment those colors. Lights, solids, neutrals and pops of complimentary colors work really well. Stick to that, and you’ll look effortlessly styled.


Since I’m a visual person, I’ve put together a picture of some examples!

what to wear for charleston engagement session - women and mens outfits paired together. pastels and light colors look the best

what to wear for charleston sc engagement session - outfit choices - prints


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