Approach & Philosophy
General Information
What is a hybrid wedding photographer?

Hybrid means that I shoot both film and digital. Film is done during the moments that I think you might want to put in an album, the highlights. While digital is mostly during the ceremony, family portraits, and reception.

Why do you shoot film?

I love the look of film and the way it makes every feel so dreamy and nostalgic. Shooting film isn't like digital in the sense that I can't photograph hundreds of frames in a few minutes. It is a slower process where I find that I have to be more present.

How involved are you during the wedding day?

I like to stay available and attentive, but also not in the way. I will document what is naturally happening and give more direction when necessary.

I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera...

I hear this so often! I know what it's like to feel awkward and uncomfortable so I use a lot of movement and prompts to get you into a place where you feel comfortable and natural.

Will my wedding be a good fit for your style?

Shooting romantic, candid, sentimental moments, and details feed my soul.
Bringing your story to life is what I love to do. If this sounds like what you want, then yes!

How do you edit your images?

I use lightroom to organize and lightly edit your images.
This includes color correcting and cropping/straightening. I do not do much photoshop unless I find it absolutely necessary. I send my film off to Richard Photo Lab and have a Color PAC designed specifically to my preferences. You will truly be getting a unique and personalized experience.

How do I book with you?

After we discuss your wedding plans and choose a package that is right for you, I will send over a proposal and contract for you to sign. A $1500 non refundable deposit is also required to make it official.

Who is your second photographer?

My husband, Eric! He is probably the kindest and most patient person you'll ever meet. He has been shooting weddings with me for 2 years and he knows the ropes!
He typically photographs the guy's getting ready, most of the cocktail hour, and lots of candids!

What kind of cameras do you use?

I use a mix of cameras! For digital, I use Sony and sometimes Nikon, depending on the situation. For film I use Contax 645 and a Nikon F100

How long does it take to get images back?

Up to 8 weeks to receive your finished online gallery. But I always send sneak peeks to satisfy those anxious butterflies.

How long have you been a photographer?

I bought my first professional camera 10 years ago and I started out working events, weddings, and portraits.
I made my 'official' move to the career in 2014, when I quit my job as an RN at the ED and put everything I had into making my dream happen. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Do you travel?

I do love to travel and will take weddings outside of Charleston. I'm especially interested in traveling outside of the US!