First few pics are ones from my old analog 500lb Mamiya rb67 – After a session I walked around downtown and I had thought I had messed something up so I just snapped a few pics to get the film out – turns out, I didn’t mess anything up 😉

The next photos are from our backyard – the light was just right and little munchkin was being cute as ever.

The photos of us are from the Pentax 645n – I just purchased the camera a couple of weeks ago, so I’m practicing as much as I can – I love it so far! I used Fuji 400h film. I love the colors that it produces and I also love the print lab that I use! Photo vision Print lab is so great and they’ve been so helpful to me so far, so if youre looking for someone to send your film to, here’s their link

mamiya rb67 fujifilm400h downtown charleston flowers and churchesmamiya rb67 fujifilm400h downtown charleston These shots are from the new addition to the photography gear family – the Pentax 645n. I had my heart set on a contax 645, but after about a year of research, I decided to get the Pentax, I’m really happy with it so far!

Here is Eric and our 19 month old love, Rowan. and yes, I plan on growing his hair out until he tells me he wants to cut it!pentax 645n charleston south carolina fine art photography family portraits

Eric had just finished putting some stones around the pool to help be a bit of a barrier – although now he likes to walk along the edge – which is also not good because of the thorns on the rose bushes! Baby proofing is hard and he likes to keep us on our toes!

fine art film photography pentax 645n fuji film 400h


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