rachel holding contax 645 camera, self portraitand it feels… weird. a little bit like a weight has been lifted and a little bit like I’m obviously healing from an addiction.

Let’s get behind the reason why though..

I say deactivated, because I can’t bring myself to delete it. I still have years and years of pictures and important moments that I need to figure out a way to back up, but until then, I’m taking a break.

It was my birthday, I’ve just turned 33 and I got a bunch of notifications from friends and random people I can’t remember how I met saying “Happy Birthday”. While it was nice, I was thinking what everyone else probably thinks on their birthday on facebook… which is.. what? you tell me. I know you’ve been there.

Anyway… after a long night of partying it up (aka drinking wine and justifying all of my indulgences on the fact that ‘ITS MAH BIRTHDAY’) I went to make a post on facebook and it hit me… This is not how I want to communicate with people. I don’t know half of them and I’m spending more time with them than I am with anyone in real life. It was just one of those moments that I couldn’t ignore… so.. here we are..

Maybe it’s because I am, in fact, getting older and wiser. But I still laugh at fart jokes, so I’m ruling that out.

I’ve always been secretly jealous of people that say that they aren’t on facebook.. ‘how?’.. ‘why?’… I wonder.. How do they keep up with what is going on (we don’t have cable either) Guess it’s time to invest in a newspaper subscription…

Enough of my late night ramblings…. til next time.. we’ll see how this no facebook thing goes.. Do you think you could live without it?

What are some ways you think it is good for the world? and bad?

Let me know in the comments!


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