Are you looking for some sentimental songs to dance to, but something that hasn’t been done 100 times?

You’re in the right place, friend. Here you’ll find a few songs that are different and unconventional first dance songs for your wedding.

Being in the wedding industry I have heard a whole lot of first dance songs.. most of them are the same.Which is totally fine! I don’t discriminate with first dance songs.. the couple chooses them because it means something to them – and that’s all that matters.

I picked out an embarrassing amount of songs for  our first dance. But my hubs and I danced to a song that is not unusual but was meaningful. Our song is way out of my usual playlist, but it was a really important song to us at the time. That song acted as a vow for eachother, never giving up even though during that time because we were really tested… but I’ll touch more on that later.

Scroll to listen to a few different dance songs and also which song my husband and I danced to!




  1. This song by M. Ward – Never had nobody like you 

This was actually our precessional song.

2.Death Cab for Cutie – I will follow you into the dark

I still love this song 10 years or so later.

3. First Aid Kit – Emmylou

My favorite.. If you’re a little folky country twang but still cool af


4. Jens LekmanYour arms around me

This one by Jens Lekman was actually on my choices (It’s super kooky, light and funny – but loving in its own strange way.. if you have a strange love then this will be great!)


5. The Tallest Man on Earth – Love is All


6. The Cranberries – Dream

(RIP) Because I was a 90’s kid and the cranberries will always be great in my book



7. Our first dance song.. I’ve heard it once out of the hundreds of weddings I’ve worked, so it’s not unusual.


What are some of your favorite songs that you think would be great First Dance songs?


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